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Farm Credit of the Virginias recently determined that t在这里 was a ballot mailing list error related to the 2021 Board of Directors and nominating committee election. 作为一个结果, the ballots for this election sent to the eligible voting stockholders on October 12, 2021, must be resent to the entirety of the mailing list, and all of the votes must be recast. New ballots will be mailed to all voting stockholders on or about November 19, 2021, and voting stockholders should be on the lookout for a new replacement ballot in the mail. 点击 在这里 to view the entire notice to stockholders.



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National Poinsettia Day

With temperatures dropping and snow flurries in the air, December has made its arrival. For most individuals, December is a very anticipated month with December 25th being Christmas. 在...
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National Farm City Week

As we plan to gather with friends and family for the holidays, we celebrate the farmers and ranchers for the abundant bounty they provide us. National Farm City week also takes place during the week...
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Animal Agriculture

Beef Cattle Production and Lifecycle

Beef Cattle Production and Lifecycle The journey of beef cattle from birth to plate can be complex. This is due to the changing needs of the animal as it progresses through its lifecycle. 因为...
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Do We Have to Talk 关于 Record-Keeping Systems?

This post is written by Dr. Alex White, Adjunct Professor – Dairy Science at Virginia Tech. You can reach Dr. White by email at No one that I know (other than some accountants)...
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Agriculture Operations

资源 for Farmers

Are you looking for agriculture resources that promote agriculture business development? Are you currently a producer wanting to learn more about different business planning topics? 你教育...
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Young, Beginning, Small and Veteran Farmers

How FFA Developed My Love for Agriculture

My journey through FFA isn’t your typical “ag kid” story, I did not have an agriculture background or experience until I joined my middle school’s FFA chapter and remained a very active member...
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All 关于 Pumpkins

With the slightest chill in the air, the 2021 fall season is upon us. Football fans are ready to cheer on their favorite teams and every coffee shop is serving pumpkin spice beverages left and right...
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教育 & Teaching Materials

Life Cycle of a Plant

Life Cycle of a Plant Everything that lives on earth has a life cycle. Life has a beginning point, growth, reproduction, and an end of life. All plants have a life cycle and this cycle is very...
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Virginia Agritourism

Virginia Agritourism- Exploring Diversity Fall is a special time for agriculture and agritourism operations across the Commonwealth. The brisk air and shorter days mean harvest time for many of the...
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Agriculture Operations

Are you equipped? Prepare your farm vehicles for the highway

If you are like me when you drive down the road alone you have a lot of thinking time, often making observations you might not make when you have someone to chat with. I laugh how our observations are...
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